Who am I?

It’s what’s in your head that counts!

Unlock the Potential

“Who am I?” This simple question cuts to the very heart of everything that you do. Without an answer, you lack the inner compass to guide you through life, subjecting you to the whims of the environment. With the appropriate answer, everything in life makes sense and can be placed in its proper place, helping you direct your life towards your greatest potential. Successful people and companies seek people who know themselves and can apply their innate strengths, education, and experience to work they enjoy. That’s right! People who know themselves actually enjoy their work so much that they want not only to do great work but often to work more just because they want to.

Like the athlete who flashes natural athleticism, every individual is born with distinct gifts or natural inherent strengths. Xyte, Inc. leads the industry in identifying the innate strengths of individuals ages of 14 and up. You may be a natural writer, truck driver, farmer, teacher, nurse, construction worker, welder, engineer, chemist, plumber, electrician, or psychiatrist, but now know that or how to understand and use your natural strengths! My Insight™, Xyte’s online assessment tool, brings the science of the mind to everyone. The way you think determines your predictive behaviors. Everyone benefits from the behaviors identified whether you are a young or mature, an educational institution, an employer, or the military.

If you are in high school or an employee, we have a special assessment and report for you. Our report is generated by the My Insight™ assessment to help you learn about yourself. You will learn how to use and leverage your individual cognitive assets and work mode preferences to gain direction toward the work world. You will learn more about the types of work you will enjoy and that businesses want. Life is lived cognitively within the mind and externally through one of four physiological outputs. My Insight™ will identify your specific Cognofile (cognitive profile), helping you to better control your life and direct and increase your work or career, bringing satisfaction, enjoyment, and increased productivity.

My Insight™ is not a personality test. It is an assessment that measures your cognitive thinking process, or how you think and act upon your thinking. Your mind controls everything that you do, so understanding how you think contributes to your preferences in work and education or training, and learning about what you do best.

Most employers do not know the innate strengths of their employees. The first step is putting the right employee in the right job and then developing the employee for greater challenges. Great leaders will better understand how to grow and make use of employees’ innate strengths to provide the respect, recognition, and value that everyone needs. Now, a leader can make the most of their biggest investment – their people. It’s what’s in their head that counts!

The My Insight™ assessment provides enormous benefits in understanding the motivations of employees! We can help you or your employees to:

  • Identify a career path
  • Align appropriate education with your innate strengths
  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Understand why people are different
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve communications
  • Build high performance teams
  • Develop leadership abilities
  • Improve retention
  • More easily recruit potential employees
  • Shorten the learning curve