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Many barriers exist to “believing in yourself” or forcing your mind to take action. Life is hard enough, and nobody tells you how to climb these mental “mountains.” Xyte, Inc. can provide you with an advantage by discovering your Core Genius. Your Core Genius is based on how you think and includes your unique Competency, Talent, and Physiological Work Mode, three innate gifts that make life easy for you. While each gift can be used separately to accomplish much, they become a magical force for you when used simultaneously to achieve incredible things. When using your Core Genius, your mind and body focus so well that time will fly by because you enjoy what you are doing.

In engineering, the properties of specific metals lend themselves to appropriate applications: such as iron in magnets, transportation equipment, and different machining process equipment; aluminum in foils, cans, door frames, solar panels, and automotive industry; or copper in electrical motors and plumbing; or tungsten into heating filaments, arc-welding electrodes, and rocket nozzles. The list easily continues with gold, silver, titanium, lead, etc.

People also have special inherent properties like these diverse metals with their properties. In people engineering, Xyte, Inc. has identified nature’s pattern of the thinking process and the Core Genius properties that lend them to applications they are good at doing and enjoying, leading to increased voluntary productivity.

While everyone’s gifts are different, each person will apply them based on their Core Genius and interests. You don’t have to be good at everything because each person is good at something. A pianist sees the whole keyboard and patterns of notes, while a writer uses the right words creatively to tell a story. Design engineers see materials, and manufacturing processes, to develop products that satisfy consumers’ needs. Construction people love to use their hands to build things, while chefs deftly mix ingredients and spices to make tasty food. And sports coaches encourage players how to use their bodies in extraordinary ways to accomplish physical tasks of competition. Successful people align their Core Genius with education and work for a life of meaning and purpose. That is their advantage and why they end up so successful. Everyone is better at something; you have to figure out “what” it is and contribute to society.

The Xyting Insight™ assessment developed by Xyte, Inc., is the only instrument proven to predict behavior by identifying the different structures in the way that people function intellectually. The science is based on how a person thinks, the different input senses, and ways of processing and retaining information in their memory. The assessment’s behavioral set or Cognofile report identifies important aspects of a person’s life such as communication preferences, leadership style, learning environment, perceptions by others, work and management behaviors, creativity, compatibility, and more.
Xyte, Inc. provides a 15-minute XytingInsight™ self-assessment online to help you discover your Core Genius capabilities and understand your innate gifts. Log in now to find out how understanding and applying your Core Genius will make a significant difference in your life!

The core genius properties of competency, talent, and physiological work mode designate the appropriate type of work. These properties enable your cognofile to be interested in doing specific tasks well while not wanting and doing other things poorly. Thus, Xyte strongly endorses putting the right person in the right job.

“Who am I?” and “Why do I do what I do?” These two simple questions cut to the very heart of everything that you do. Without answers, you may lack the inner compass that helps guide you through life, subjecting you to the whims of the environment. With an informed answer, an awakening experience occurs as everything in life starts to make sense and falls into its proper place, helping to direct your life. Knowing these answers is the key to unlocking the puzzle of “Who am I?” and reaching your greatest potential. Successful people and companies seek people who know themselves and can apply their innate strengths, education, and experience to the work they enjoy. That’s right! People who know themselves actually enjoy their work so much that they want not only to do a great job but often work more just because they enjoy it.

The essence of who you are tells you what to think, dream and desire. It is known as ‘that gut feeling’ or ‘that little voice inside your head.’ This is what drives you to discover the true sense of yourself, and it ultimately establishes and influences every aspect of your life. We call it your Core Genius Code – the main gear that drives and determines everything about you. It fosters all your invariable God-given gifts, encompasses everything you are passionate about, and nurtures the entirety of things that bring you joy. Your Core Genius code is what drives you to discover and do more of what you love and what makes you happy.

A good example is Chris, who jumps from one menial job at 26 with
no post-high school education to the next without finding anything really satisfactory. Chris took Xyte’s assessment and read the report enthusiastically. She was thrilled to discover another side of herself that she loved but hadn’t pursued before because it seemed too easy. After reading the assessment, she realized how to apply her passion to her life and career in a meaningful way. The self-assessment identified her as a Verbal Cognofile which means that she is exceptionally good at speaking and leading others using her words. Her talent is perceiving how others take in her words, and of course, her work mode preference is using words to convince others. Wow, this made so much sense to Chris! She remembered thinking as a kid that she could be a great lawyer!. Because money was too tight for law school, Chris returned to her menial job and took community college courses in management and business. Chris secured a management position and moved up the management ladder with her added training. Today, Chris leads a non-profit cancer center! She finds her position challenging but an excellent fit for using her innate abilities. “I thank Xyte for showing me the path as it was a life-changer.”

Your life is your signature creation! Your education, work, and relationships express your creativity and innate abilities. You have to live true to yourself with authenticity. Your life’s mission is to express yourself boldly, create what you love, and love what you create. It’s about expanding and living your vision of yourself – until it is the most significant possible expression of who you are. Like the athlete who flashes natural athleticism, every individual is born with innate gifts or inherent natural strengths. Xyte, Inc. leads the industry by identifying the innate strengths of individuals ages 14 and up. You may be a born writer, truck driver, farmer, teacher, nurse, construction worker, welder, engineer, chemist, plumber, electrician, or psychiatrist, but now understand and use your natural strengths to their fullest! Xyte’s online “Xyting Insight™” assessment and report bring the science of the mind to everyone. It provides clarity about your life purpose and helps find what makes you come alive. The way you think determines your predictive behaviors, such as your competency, talent, and work mode preference which develops your self-worth. Individuals benefit from learning more about developing their innate behaviors to excel, while employers and trainers can better know how to help people succeed and thrive.

You may hear that if you dream, it will come true. But Xyte does more than making promises. Xyte identifies your innate strengths and helps them come to life using great examples of others like you. If you seek to pivot, reinvent, and become the person you want to be, to take control of your life, Xyting Insight™ Assessment provides answers. The assessment report delivers direction to align your education or training with work that makes you happy and confident in your life. Less than half of all adults say they feel a strong sense of purpose in their lives. Yes, research shows that a sense of purpose makes people happier, healthier, and more successful. Successful people have a definite sense of direction. They have a clear understanding of what success means to them. Only sustained movement in one direction can bring tangible results. The key to those results is to do more of what you enjoy and develop the very best in you to know what you want to do, be, and have in life. Take your Xyting Insight™ Assessment now to begin your path toward a meaningful life.