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Xyte, Inc., creator of Xyting Insight™, is a professional provider for identifying individual thinking processes, understanding yourself, and other related information to our users. Since its founding in 1999, Xyte has played an increasingly significant role in this area.  Our goal is to replace all other assessment tools to become “best in class.”

We value providing excellent service and personal application for our clients’ needs.  Xyting Insight™ works hard to satisfy consumers.  Any success comes with the support from our customers.  Let us know of your successes and any difficulties using our website legalrc com.

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Our joy lies in your smile as your satisfaction is our first aim. To better fulfill your needs as well as to give our help in time, we offer One-Business-Day Email Service.  No matter when you have problems or questions, please do feel free to contact us to find the help and answer in time.  Any inquiries or problems related to technical support, use of product etc., please contact our support team at

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After receiving your email, we will try to replicate your steps according to your description to locate and correct any problems. Please be aware that the more information you provide, the more likely we can solve the problem soonest. Thanks a million in advance for your attention and support to our products!  We will work hard to offer the best possible software.

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