Why Xyting Insight™?

Xyting Insight™ assessment aims to inspire and empower every person using science of the mind.

Taking the assessment will help you identify and better apply your inner core strengths that you were born with. Using the personalized assessment report will lead you to a powerful awakening experience as everything in life starts to make more sense and fall into place, helping YOU to direct your own life. Knowing these answers is the key to unlocking the puzzle of “Who am I?” to reach your greatest potential.

Successful people and companies seek people who know themselves and who can apply their innate strengths, education, and experience to the work they enjoy. That’s right! People who really know themselves actually enjoy their work so much that they not only want to do a great job but put in extra time and effort just because they enjoy it! The Xyting Insight assessment:

  • Quick and easy to use! The 28 questions take only 10 minutes to answer.
  • More accurate and insightful. Xyting Insight is based in science of the mind, using 4 constructs that are continuous variables to explain the “why” of human behavior. Other assessments use hundreds of questions/adjectives merely to describe behavior – there’s room for error.
  • First to accurately predict human behavior. In technical terms, Xyte’s assessment explains a high percentage of variance, significant in regression modeling for predicting human behavior. We were the first to do that! In practical terms, Xyte’s assessment was the first to accurately predict performance and other behaviors of military recruiters for the U.S. Army and Navy.
  • Based on the thinking process, that remarkable unique and predictive process unique only to YOU. Other instruments merely described behavior learned from their environment. Xyte’s assessment can differentiate those thinking process/innate behaviors from those people learn from their environments, so that you can be confident of “who you are” and that are not out in left field.
  • Identifies more about the individual and is predictive. For example, Xyte identifies your preferred communication style, including input senses or how you learn and absorb information consciously and subconsciously, memory retention, and how the information is perceived and retained easily in the brain. This helps shorten the learning curve for each new task or adventure. Xyte’s training also helps to motivate and improve communication skills, and to understand leadership style, learning preferences, perceptions by others, and more.
  • Physiological preferences (output senses: Body, Hand, Word, Mind) to provide insights to decision-making, leadership style, and preferred occupational activities. This helps match individuals with jobs where they will be more productive, engaged, and retained longer, contributing to their happiness.
  • Cost-effective. Individuals need to be assessed only once, taking 10-12 minutes of their time. Please contact Xyte for information about volume pricing for entire employee populations or customer lists.
  • Statistically valid and reliable. Xyting Insight has a high reliability of 92% on a test-retest and is valid with multiple tests of validity.