Training Seminars and Webinars for Employers and Individuals

  • Leveraging Human Capital for ResultsAre the right people performing the right jobs, the right way, for the right clients, at the right time, and the right reasons?  The greatest underdeveloped resource of any company is its employees.  Some are truly engaged in their work, while others are only partially engaged, and yet others just come to work only to get a paycheck.  Learn more about your employees, what makes them tick, and how you can help them develop for your mutual benefit.  Growing and harnessing the potential of each employee into fully engaged people turns companies into competitive juggernauts.
  • Communicating for Results – Poor communication is the number one problem in companies but little is done to minimize its adverse effects on the bottom line.  This seminar solves the mysteries of communication behavior and provides essential skills for presenting information to maximize results in the business environment.  Employees develop such cross-functional communication skills as strategies for workplace effectiveness, communicating with diplomacy, tact, and credibility; building better work relationships, developing techniques for results, projecting a positive professional image, building interpersonal skills, and improving negotiating strategies.
  • Building the High-Performance Individual – What makes star employees want to perform at the highest level of their abilities?  This seminar provides a roadmap to instill successful traits along with the desire to achieve aligned with individual cognofile mental and physical strengths.  Each person has internal motivation and tapping that energy unleashes unknown abilities towards personal success and happiness.  Employees need to be personally productive and happy before they can be productive for their employers. 
    The team will learn to use key values……
  • Building the High-Performance Team – This tool shows how to understand the importance of transformational coaching as a tool for partnering with your team and use delegation to increase productivity and individual growth.  Each team member has strengths to be utilized and developed while instilling a culture based on trust and partnership.  Use key values in determining strengths and ways to motivate people.
  • Ultimate Customer Service – Our seminars help you develop coaching skills to deliver outstanding customer service and grow repeat customers.  Customers want quick and accurate responses, instant information, and solutions to their problems.  Treat them as individuals by recognizing some of their unique cognofile qualities, impressing them with your memorable service, and a desire to return. 
  • Manager’s Toolkit – Improve your managerial effectiveness and ensure long-term business results by effectively developing and integrating people with activities.  This toolkit provides practical, proven solutions that better meet the needs of today’s workforce.  A complete set of tools designed and used by experienced CEOs, these have been specially developed for managers to maximize efficiency and productivity.  Track work tasks, implement project processes, and successfully manage projects across your organization with this toolkit.
  • Four Levels of Leadership Training – Your targeted future leaders need leadership training specialized for their level of proactive leadership.  Choose the appropriate seminar needed to develop beginning, mid-level, and seasoned managers into top strategy and high-performance managers.
      • Leveraging Human Capital for Results (Level 4) full day
      • Leveraging Your Human Capital (Level 3) full day
      • Supervisor as Coach (Level 2) full day
      • Identifying and Using your Natural Strengths (Level 1) full day
  • Marketing and Advertising to Your Customer – Many disciplines confirm that at least 95% of all cognition occurs in the shadows (subconscious) of the mind while only approximately 5% consciously processes thoughts in real-time.  Simple descriptive statistics based on data tracking do not predict consumer behavior of repeat business.  People process many inputs automatically with preconceived solutions without taking time to think through routine actions.  Xyte, Inc. understands the different intrinsic motivations of people and what triggers the subconscious into action.  Through our studies and regression techniques, we can provide timely and predictive modeling.  This modeling is based on quantifying and qualifying data that has been successfully tested against the actual performance of impulse and cognitive behavior to bring data mining to a new level.  This information can be tailor fed back to the new or loyal consumer in “comfort words” for a desired predictive action.
  • Healthcare’s Disease Management and Improving Patient Compliance – How people take care of their health is a subconscious behavior.

Quick Reference Cards

  • Recruiting Assistant™
  • Managers’ Toolkit
    • What Every People Manager Needs to Know
    • What every employee wants
  • Competency Grid (laminated)
  • Right Person in Right Job
  • Culture Checklist
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Management Handouts

  • Characteristics of Leaders
  • Decision Making Styles
  • Developing Your Leadership Pipeline
  • Succession Planning
  • Elements of Leadership
  • Leadership Metrics and Career Path
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