About Us

shutterstock_145004557Established in 1999, Xyte, Inc. is a human behavioral research company that is leading the next individual employee measurement shift from demographics to the “right person for the right job.”  Xyte has found the human link between an individual’s cognitive strengths and the type of work they that most interests and engages them.  For the individual seeking the right career path or employers who struggle with high turnover or finding engaged employees, Xyte’s Xyting Insight™ provides a suite of self-selecting preference metrics that deliver consistent valuations based on assessments of individual employees.  Unlike education, skills, and demographics which provide inadequate differentiation for today’s personalized market, Xyting Insight™ explains “why” people do what they do.

Xyting Insight™ is proprietary, systems-science models that combines technology and advanced statistical methods to measure and predict human behavior with an online assessment tool that qualifies individuals as to how they think and process information.  The online assessment is statistically both Reliable and Valid and is the first to explain the majority of variance in a regression models and be statistically significant in predicting human behavior.  It identifies the cognofiles (predictive cognitive behaviors) of individuals and allows employees to engage the way their brain processes information.

Xshutterstock_158383964yting Insight™ changes the way we evaluate and count – Xyte adds sophisticated methodology to the simple demographics of valuing and counting people.  It can change the comparative value of entire demographic segments (young versus old, men versus women, Hispanic versus black, etc.).  Counting differently as Xyte does even can alter the economics of entire industries and lead to changing the culture itself.  That’s exactly what Xyting Insight™ offers…changing the way we identify and value people.  Xyting Insight™ is poised to become the people currency in terms of how people are measured.