My Insight™ Assessment

Not sure what to do with your life? Need some career direction? Xyte has developed several tools that are used for a lifetime to assist you, the teen or young adult, and your parents to evaluate and align your innate strengths with future education programs and jobs/careers. The big secret to life is understanding your mind and how you think and process information, resulting in your innate capabilities.

Not knowing what job or career you want is a common dilemma. Spend 12-15 minutes to take the My Insight™ assessment to give you a better idea of your aptitudes and strengths as they relate to possible career choices. Identifying and aligning to your Core Genius is essential to derive joy and satisfaction from what you do every day. Knowing your unique abilities will allow you to redesign your life to do more of what you love and are good at.

Making the right choices early in life will provide you with a more fulfilled and satisfying work. If you don’t understand yourself, you may force yourself to adapt to disagreeable labor, costing you money and creating agony. Xyte’s assessment will help you better envision and plan your work future.

Developed primarily for high school students by educator Linda McIsaac, Ph.D., and Gerry Klodt, the My Insight assessment measures your natural thinking process, provides you with an understanding of your competency, talent, and physiological preference (your preferred work mode based on body, hand; word, or mind).  The assessment then aligns these factors with education and jobs that best match your skills and interests. After receiving your assessment results and your Cognofile Report outlining your thinking process (aligned with competency, talent, and work mode), review the O*NET job/career files specifically for your Cognofile for job/career ideas.

You need to know your innate strengths, the capabilities that you were born with!

  • Competency is what you enjoy doing every day, all day long, and never tire of doing. You need to know this because your future will revolve around how you best use your competency for the rest of your life.
  • Talent is what you enjoy doing once in a while that makes your competency better
  • Physiological preference or work mode is your physical output. Even though you can do body, hand, word, and mind type of work, one of these modes is what you prefer over the others.

For Teens and Young Adults: 

Xyte developed the My Insight™ youth assessment to create and plan an appropriate educational program and a career plan. This tool will help you learn more about yourself. The assessment is a career tool where you take a short 12-15-minute survey to identify your innate strengths and align them with interests, skills, and abilities to see what career path you should follow.

My Insight™ Assessment is $35 per assessment